Knot Genie Mother Earth Eco Friendly Detangling Brush

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The Knot Genie Mother Earth Collection combines eco-friendly and biodegradable materials with innovative brush designs for a guilt free brushing experience.  Enhanced with anti-knot nylon bristles, the hairbrush gently glides through your hair, providing carefree detangling for wet or dry hair. Our double curved and spiral brush design ensures full coverage over your entire scalp for flawless smoothing of your hair.  Gently massaging your head with this brush promotes follicle growth for damaged areas of your scalp as an added benefit.

Built from recyclable polymers, the handle of this brush degrades in a landfill within 5 years. Recycling renewable resources saves our environment and provides a net savings in carbon emissions. With each brush, our environment is being saved versus a traditional brush. The Mother Earth Collections brushes are also Cruelty-free and may be fully recyclable or decomposable by removing the nylon bristles.


Please do not use this brush with high heat devices to prevent damage to this item.

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